Tips for Powering Through Finals Week

April is winding down, and for college students that means finals are right around the corner. Instead of pulling all-nighters, we want to help our college fans be ready to ace their exams! Check out this list of tips so you’ll feel calm, cool, collected and confident when final week rolls around.

Plan Ahead
It doesn’t do you any good to pull an all-nighter the day before your exam. You might think the information will be fresh in your mind after an all night study session when in reality you’ll be tired, groggy and you’ll likely experience information overload! Instead of cramming, start studying for your finals now. Spend an hour or so each night studying so you can break your study sessions into small increments instead of trying to learn everything all at once.

Get Organized
When you know the dates and times of your exams, write them down so you can start prioritizing your studies. Odds are you’re more confident with certain subjects than others, so start studying the subject that needs the most work first. Be sure to keep track of any note cards or study guides you make; you wouldn’t want to waste study time doubling up on work or searching your dorm or apartment for your papers!

Know How You Need to Study
Do you retain information best with note cards? Do you prefer to study in groups? Do you find tutors helpful? Or maybe your best way to study is in a quiet environment by yourself. It’s important that you’re honest with yourself when it comes to how you study; what works best for other people won’t necessarily work best for you. So find out what study methods and environments are best for you and stick to them!

Take Breaks
This may seem counter-intuitive during the craziness of finals week, but it’s important that you remember to give yourself breaks. After studying non-stop, you can start to lose focus or you reach a point when it’s too much and you can’t retain information anymore. Every so often take a quick break to avoid burning out-because you deserve it!

Are your exams right around the corner? Share your study tips with us! Post them in a comment or on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page! Happy studies!


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