Quick & Easy Commercial Break Workouts

Have you ever tried commercial break workouts? Instead of fast-forwarding or zoning out during your favorite show’s commercials, we invite you to use those extra minutes to get up and get active! The next time you’re tuning in to your fave TV show, we challenge you to take on these four commercial break workouts!

This V-Crunch workout from Women’s Health Magazine targets arms, abs, and legs. All you’ll need is a comfortable flat surface and a dumbbell or medicine ball.

  1. Lie on your back with arms stretched above your head holding your weighted object and legs straight, elevated from the ground several inches
  2. Crunch your straightened arms and legs simultaneously up until they touch
  3. Lower down to previous position, keeping your limbs elevated off of the ground
  4. Repeat in 30 second intervals with 15-second breaks until your show resumes

Standing Weighted Lunges
Lunges are a fantastic way to work your lower body, and these standing weighted lunges require minimal space. If you’re finding this exercise easy, take it to the next level and add weights for a simultaneous arm workout.

  1. Begin by standing up straight while holding desired weights with arms straight down at your sides
  2. Start with bringing your right knee up and forward as your left knee moves down to the floor
  3. As you advance into the right lunge, lift your right forearm upwards to bring your weight parallel to your shoulder.
  4. After action is complete, immediately return backwards to original standing position
  5. Repeat this movement with your left leg and arm
  6. Continue alternating sides throughout the commercial break
  7. You can also try alternating weight lifts with opposite legs during lunges

Frog Hops
Frog Hops work your quadriceps, calves, glutes, and hamstrings. Also known as the “prisoner squat jump,” this exercise gets you moving and energizes your body.

  1. Stand with your hands touching behind your head
  2. Bend into a squat
  3. Jump forward a few feet at moderate height
  4. When your feet make contact with the ground, immediately try to jump to keep momentum and avoid harsh impact
  5. Repeat this 5-10 times in sets throughout your commercial break

Couch Dips
Why not use your couch as a workout aid? This exercise works your chest and shoulders and can be adjusted depending on your desired level of difficulty.

  1. Use a couch, chair, ottoman, table, or bench to serve as support during the exercise
  2. Sit in front of your furniture item facing away while holding on to the edge with hands extended separated at shoulder width
  3. Keep your legs extended in front of you perpendicular to your torso and bent at the waist
  4. Bend your elbows to slowly lower your body to create a 90 degree angle between your forearm and upper arm
  5. Lift yourself up using your triceps to your initial position
  6. Repeat dips in sets of 10-15 with short interval breaks in between. Increase difficulty by slightly elevating your feet on another flat surface

Quick and easy exercises like these are a great way to stay active, alert, and energized during your commercial breaks. Don’t forget to grab a bottle of 5-hour ENERGY® to help you power through your mini workouts! Have your own quick commercial break exercises? Share them with us!


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