New Year, New You!

2015 has arrived! Have you created a New Year’s resolution? Creating a year-long goal may sound great in theory, but the fact is that the majority of people who create a resolution don’t end up sticking to it. To help keep you motivated to stick to your resolution this year, the team at 5-hour ENERGY® has compiled a list of effective tips to help keep your New Year’s resolution going strong throughout 2015!

Understand the reasons why you want to make this change in your life
Once you’ve made a resolution, list the reasons for why you want to make that change in your life. If they seem trivial, you probably won’t end up caring enough to accomplish the goal. Make sure that the reasons for why you want to change a habit or behavior are deeply rooted and important to you, whether that be for your personal health, self-confidence, etc.

Make it something that you really want
Be passionate about the things you want to change in your life. If you don’t really care about the goal you’re trying to accomplish, you won’t be motivated to work hard to achieve it. When you truly care about making a change in your life, you will naturally work harder to reach that goal.

Make sure you have a support system
Have a support system that will be there if you fall to help you back up and to keep you motivated and focused on the goal at hand. It’s great to have an encouraging support system, but they also need to be willing to be firm and honest if you get sidetracked on your way to accomplishing you resolution!

Lay out a list of obstacles that you’ll encounter & how to overcome them
Compose a list of all of the different obstacles that you can foresee before attempting to accomplish your goal. Once you have all of the obstacles fleshed out on paper, go through each one individually and question whether or not you are physically capable of overcoming them. If you get through all of the obstacles and realize that overcoming each of them IS possible, then accomplishing your end goal will seem accessible and feasible.

Create reminders that you’ll see
Making notes to put around the house or at the office to constantly remind yourself of your New Year’s resolution may sound silly, but when things are out of sight they are also out of mind! These friendly reminders will manifest themselves and won’t let you forget about the goal that you set out to accomplish.

Reward success
No matter big or small, rewards are a great way to remind yourself that you’ve taken another step in the right direction. Rewarding yourself also helps you keep motivation levels high, so take the time to reward yourself as you reach certain short term goals on the way to your long term goal.
Can you think of any other helpful tips for maintaining your New Year’s resolution throughout 2015? Share them with us! 

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