Sneak in a Power Nap for an Extra Spark

Maintaining a strong energy level throughout the days and weeks takes more than just pounding the caffeine and B-Vitamins, in fact, we advise against consuming more than two of our energy shots in 24 hours because your body needs much more than extra boosters.

One way to get that second wind is with the power nap. Of course very few of us actually have an opportunity to sneak away from the desk for some shut-eye. But in the event that you can (and it is company sanctioned), here are some tips to put a little more pep in your step.

First, a power nap should be between no more than 20 minutes. Any longer and you may be dragging rather than dominating.

Second, you need a quiet place. This might be the most difficult part, but seek it out. A car, office, couch, anywhere that you can relax will do. Just be sure you can be without disturbances.

After you’ve found the time and place, the rest is just about relaxing. Even if you don’t sleep, just clearing your head can be a great booster.

Here are some additional articles that will coach you on power napping and tips:

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Getting the right amount of rest is essential to your overall physical and mental wellness. Even if your goals and aspirations have you feeling like you need to keep it at the redline day in and day out, not taking the time for some R&R will hurt your performance more than if you didn’t have that energy drink.



  1. I started recently with this 'be an early riser' trend, and I sleep now between 6 and 5 hours. I feel somehow more energetic than when I slept 8 or 9 hours, but sometimes at 4 or 5 in the afternoon I start to doze. If I can afford it, I take a power nap. To do so in the best possible way, I wrote a power nap script for Linux and Mac OS.

    You start the program with a number of minutes and a music player as arguments, and keep your finger over a key. When you fall asleep, your finger gets released (or it should, you have to be in a position such that this happens!) and then a counter starts ticking. When it runs out (after the set number of minutes you asked it for), a song (or a beeper) will play, awakening you.

    I usually sleep 20 minutes with this technique and as the program also logs the start time and sleep start time, I now know that I take between 5 and 10 minutes to fall asleep when power napping.

    I hope this serves some reader here!



  2. On 89x (Detroit)the morning show was talking about taking naps at work. People were calling in with very elaborate plans that even included a guard to keep watch. These guys weren't messing around! It was hilarious.


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